Thursday, February 24, 2011

Run Run Run

Yes, I have been running. I have been logging about 30 miles a week -- I'm thinking about passing on this next boot camp session and doing my running and working out alone. I'm just feeling like I want to run my own schedule -- if I want to run at night, then I will, If I want to run on a work out day (Mon, Wed, Fri) then I will.... Mix things up a little, do different work outs. I know i'm motivated enough to do it... just haven't decided. I love that group, I like seeing everyone every morning and talking to them, I just wonder if always running with the group is holding me back -- I always seem to push harder and run faster and farther when I run alone, so maybe I should do that for a while. Find my own pace, my own style. It's finally getting warmer, so that is good. I just got back from Mexico, I got about 12 miles in their. I ran out side, it was nice, but I forgot how hard running in the heat is. I found a girl who said she would meet with me to run, but she stood me up, I wanted to go on this 9 mile dirt loop through the desert, but I didn't want to go alone.... Sadly I was not able to find any one else so I didn't get to do the loop. Jerry hurt his hip, so he couldn't go although I did think of renting a horse for him to ride along while I ran. This morning I ran 10.4 miles -- it was pretty good. Since I start from home and don't drive I can get 10 miles in and still get back at the same time I would get back if I want to boot camp. I'm sure i'll get sick of running alone, but for now I like it.