Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the Horible after Christmas run

So, I guess the kind of calories you eat really does make a difference in your performance. After feasting on breakfast at Southern Bells with friends, then Christmas even dinner, then again on Christmas morning breakfast, then again on delicious pizza for dinner, then again for a neighborhood breakfast of pancakes, potatoes, eggs, bacon & ham... I headed out for a 9 mile run with my sister. Mind you, it was about 3 hours after breakfast, so that couldn't have caused a problem, however we both felt pretty awful. My Stomach hurt, I felt tired and lazy, the hills were horrible & I just felt very un motivated. Finally I was on the final stretch, I had to use the bathroom very badly at this point, adding to my discomfort -- then I got a direct puff of wind from the Mcdonalds I was running past. Now usually that would have made me hungry, french fries are what I smelled, and normally I LOVE french fries, however, on this occasion the small almost made me throw up. Finally I made it back and to the bathroom -- barely I may add. after that I stretched and drank water, then showered and took a nap and I was still feeling a little ill and extra tired. Oh the repercussions of Christmas feasting -- it's really a shame that I will never learn.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter running & past races

Alright: I ran the hobbler gobbler in 46:23 -- a little slower than I wanted -- I wanted to do 7:15 minute miles the whole way but I ended up with 7:27's I started off too fast (with 7's) and then I just got tired, I still beat my last years time by almost five minutes and got 2nd in my age group, 13th over all female. I then did the Chili chase the next week end -- it was a 5k and I finished in 21:29 -- that's 6:55 minutes I was pretty happy with that although my goal was to be under 20, but I couldn't do it, I just get tired and give up, I feel like I do better on my speed work outs than I do on the actual races. Next year I plan on training to run a 5k in 19 minutes -- we are also doing a marathon although we have not decided which one or what training program to use -- we plan on having a meeting about that. Lately I am not training for anything, we have had some very cold weather and running outside constantly has been hard. I've been on the tread mill at least once a week. Last week I did a 6 miler on the tread mill, a 5.3 mile run outside and then a 9 mile run alone on Saturday. It was actually nice to run alone for a change... I didn't have to wait to meed up with anyone, I didn't have to get everyone to agree what time to go and how many miles to go and what rout to run. It was just me and the road, I actually ended up running at a 8:10ish pace which is faster than a normal longer run pace for me, I think it's because usually i'm always having to slow down for others who don't want to go that fast, which is fine, i'm horrible at pacing myself, but this was nice. I'm still suffering from a shin splint a little, but it's not too bad. I plan on starting a yoga class at the first of the year and continue to do it through the marathon -- I think it will help me stay injury free this time around. I'm not afraid of the big runs that I will have to do to train for the race -- in fact I feel better abut doing this run than I did about running the half -- I guess i've already been on a 15 mile run, what's 11.2 more? I want that sticker. Anyway, today I ran 6.75 on the tread mill and felt great, well as great as running on the tread mill can be. tomorrow is core work and hopefully Thursday I will be able to run outside. Running is such a strange thing -- sometimes you feel great and just love it, other times you hate it and never want to run another step again.

2010 -- A blast from the past

I am going to copy and paste my half marathon training experience from this year -- here it is.
Training for the Rock N Roll Half

My running partners (Jerry Fahrlander (boyfriend) & Debi Haas (sister)) and I are into our 4th week of my training program to get us ready for the Rock and Roll half marathon. It should get us ready to run it in about an hour and a half. I got the schedule on line and then modifyed it to work with our other work out program (YMCA boot camp M-F 5am - 6am - MWF Cardo, weights stregnth training -- T&TH run days)
This week has been a little tough so far. We did a good abb workout on Monday as well as running a mile, then Tuesday we ran 6 miles, Wednesday we had a killer leg work out on the stationary & some other stuff, then after work we all met in Yorkville to run hills, we went around the block and ran up the hill 5 times... I didn't think it was as bad as 2 weeks ago, my first hill climbing session. This morning we ran to Clatt Park from the YMCA, 7 miles. Clatt park has 2 hills, so it was a little rough. We made good time though, about an hour. My legs are tired now. Tomorrow we are going to boot camp and then running 11 miles after work -- Saturday is three miles then Sunday is off. I can't wait till sunday :). That is all for now. I will write about the 11 miler -- that will be the farthest we have gone as of yet (2 weeks ago we did 10) I am a little worried about Jer though -- he missed the first 2 weeks of the program because of a softball to the eye (and it was NOT soft) he kind of broke his face. So, he has never run 10 miles, the most he has done is 8.3. I may suggest that he just goes 10, I don't want him to get hurt.
Today I have to run 11 miles after work after working out in boot camp for an hour at 5am. My legs are still a little sore from yesterday... Should be great fun. I can't wait to get done though. It's been looming over my head all day.
It is June 17th. The 11 mile run last Saturday was very hard -- I was just exhausted and did not want to go any farther. I didn't bring any water (I just got a water belt yesterday for next Saturday however) and it was about 90% Humitity -- I was SO sweaty, it was like I had just jumped in and out of a swimming pool. I had to take my shirt off because it was not the sweat whisking material -- I literally rang it out. Deb did not come because she pulled something... Jer and I did make it though -- Our rout had a lot more hills than I thought it would. I feel like running is such a struggle lately -- since our 11 I have done 2 more 7's and I just don't feel like I have it anymore -- I just don't like running. It seems like my training program is waring me down and burning me out, but it is doing the opposite for my sister. Hopefully I am just in a hard spot now and will be better soon. I went to Naperville Running Co. Yesterday night and got one of those water packs (the kind with 4 or 5 8oz waters around the belt -- I opted for the fitting that is around my rib cage, not around my hips -- Although I liked the hip fitting better i'm pretty sure that it would start to slide around after a few miles. I also got some shorts/tights that are sweat whisking and a new sports bar (I got made fun of by my sisters friend for waring such a "tinny" sports bra while running....Plus the ones I already had were all cotton) Anyway, tomorrow we do 3 miles before boot camp -- then boot camp. I have to fit 6-880s in at a 5-10k pace sometime today or tomorrow, also we are running a 5k on Sunday. I'm a little worried about it because of how I have been feeling but it is only 3.1miles....
Today we planned to run 3miles outside before boot camp, however Deb and I woke up to thunder and lightning so we headed to the tred mills. It actually wasn't too bad. I liked that my water was right next to me and I could keep track of my speed. I ran at 6 for about .5 miles, then to 6.5  for another 1/2 then at 7 for a mile and a quarter -- then up .5 each .25 mile. Kept it interesting. It bootcamp we did a lot of weights and a horrible push up pyramid. Some Abbs... nothing too crazy. FOr some reason my legs feel tired though. We just have to do 8 tomorrow, and I decided that the 5k race will be subbed in for the 6-880's. both are 3 miles... makes sense to me...
Saturdays 8miles went alright. a little faster than I wanted to go because I wanted to keep up with Deb -- Jer got a little behind, I think he's still recovering from his 2 weeks off. Sunday was the Prarie Fest 5k in Oswego -- I came in 65th over all and 3rd in my age division. I did the first mile in about 6:45, then I slowed down quite a bit, it was 75% humidity so I had a hard time catching my breath. I would have kept slowing down but I kept seeing Green shorts (Deb) closing the gap between us. I was not happy about this because that meant I had to go faster -- I did not want to at all. She caught up with me and we ran together for about a mile -- at the 3 mile mark I sprinted to the finish line, 2 other people passed Deb and snuck up behind me to finish. Deb Finished 4th (we were in the same cat. Jer was 80th, but 8th in his age out of 39, so pretty good. He was about 30 seconds behind me. So much for his boast of beating me in every race this year..... Today my legs are very tired, and so am I. I did get to sleep in at all this weekend, very sad. I promised myself a nap when I get home just to get myself out of bed and to boot camp and work. Jer and I ran a fast mile, Deb a little slower. Tomorrow we do an early 7 because Deb has to work early -- Wednesday is a 3miler at a 5k pace -- thursday is another 7, Friday is 3 -- We are off Saturday and running our long run on sunday, 12 miles. I'm scared.
06/22/2010 -- Last night I ate wild rice with lots of carbs and drank tons of water. I got up in the morning and took pain killers (sadly my legs were still hurting) drank some more water, and had half a cliff bar. We headed out and got the the YMCA at about 4:35. We went to Clatt park. We started off at a fairly good pace, I felt pretty good -- going down the first hill hurt my upper legs, but going up the next hill didn't feel much better, turning around I was able to recover my breath before going up the last hill, the way back was okey, exept at about 3/4ths of the way back my legs started feeling very heavy. I knew that slowing down would not do any good, so I just kept going. I got ahead of Deb and Jer, but after a bit Deb (iron will) caught up with me and stuck with me. At the final stretch we went faster, my legs felt like they had a 20lb weight in each one.  We made it though, and if it wern't for my legs hurting so much i'd say it was a pretty good run -- go wild rice! Tomorrow we are supposed to do 3 miles at a 5k pace, but everyones legs hurt from last weeks race and traning so I think we will cut back and just do a regular boot camp mile before our work out.
6/24/2010 -- Yesterdays one mile was done at a very easy pace -- no one was in a hurry. Today we decided to do our big run. we were going to leave at 4:30 but Jer was late because his snooze snoozed for 15 minutes instead of 3.... So, we headed out down to river road to silver springs then into the first entrance -- around the loop and out the second entrance then back. we went down eldamain road after river because I did not want to go up the big hill on blackhawk. It was actually a really good run. we kept a nice slow pace, I had my new water belt that I now love, and at about the half way point I have every one a energy gummy thing. THe smelled better than they actually tasted, but I should have known they would. The water belt was AWESOME, it fit really well, and the water actually sweated and got me cooled down, the weather was PERFECT and the run was intresting. I got to see all the damage from the storm last night, going to silver springs was nice -- a little cross country and jumping over fallen tree lims and such -- we finished it in about 2 hours and 15 minutes or so. No speed record -- but we need to start these long runs like that till we learn our limits. It's very nice to have the run done -- all we have left for the week is a 3 miler and a 7.  I am SO happy that the humitity was down this morning and it was in the mid 60's  -- it was awesome.
6/29/2010. Last week we (jer & I, Deb had to work) Ran our last 7 miles for the week -- we did a different rout that we mapped out -- it was all up hill but shaded for the first half, then the second half was down hill and right out in the sun -- we had water so it wasen't too bad, but we didn't leave till 8:40 or so, so it was pretty hot. I guess Deb ran on Sunday morning and had a terrible run because it was humid. Yesterday (monday) we ran a mile and did regular boot camp stuff. This morning it was really cool out -- it was a nice change, however it was still really humid, I could see my breath, but not because of the cold. We ran 7, it was alright, not really good or bad. My legs are a little sore though, and my calf is really hurting. I iced it this morning, and am icing it now, also took some pain killer to hopefully bring down any inflmation. I hope it getts better with out rest -- We have less then 5 weeks left on this schedule, I think these runs are going to be really importent runs for the half.
7/5/2010 -- Training is going okay. My calf is still crazy sore, but ice really helps. Friday night we did our 9 miler -- lots of hills on the rout we chose, I thought it was a nice run, Deb did not expect all the hills, so when we were done she said with a look of exhaustion on her face "I think we hit every hill in Yorkville" -- It was funny. I got chafed though because I just wore a sports bra and my water pack rubbed me a little -- Guess I will have to get cream for that or something next time. Saturday Jer and I did a 3 mile cross country type run, it didn't turn out so good. The path had holes all over, mud puddles and loads of deer flys. It was humid & we didn't start running till 9. I was so sweaty when we got back, it was gross, and all bit up from the flys. Not fun. 4th of July weekend had nothing to do with running, probably too much wine and too much junk because our 7 mile run this morning was a little hard. We are most likely going to quit boot camp for the remainder of the training program and then start back up again in August -- we're going to be doing too many miles to fit boot camp & running in plus our complicated schedules.
7/8/2010 -- Things aren't going too well right now. Yesterday I had to take care of the horses at my parents. It was hot and humid, I cleaned all 4 stalls, watered them & put grain and hay in their stalls, then let them in. I then went for the 4 mile run that was on the schedule... it was alright, I was tired because it had a lot of hills, but I generally enjoyed the different scenery, however I did not like the loose gravel -- it made my calf hurt worse and longer than usual. I was SO tired after that, I just drank water and went to bed once I drove home. I should have eaten something else though, for dinner I had brown rice, veggies and a little bit of chicken... then this morning I had half of a Cliff bar.... We were scheduled to do 7, I made it about 2.5 before I started to feel SOOOO tired. I walked a little, took off my shirt because it was drenched in sweat (humid again) then started back up. I did about 6.5ish, but all walk and run. I was feeling sort of ok towards the end, but still very tired. I'm annoyed about this -- I don't know how my sister does it. I read all about fatigue today -- my conclusion is that I need to be more competitive -- to not let them get ahead of me, to set higher goals, more will power will make the "buffer" that my body is making to prevent injury much smaller. That's how Deb does it, she has so much will power somehow that she doesn't feel as bad even though her body is going through the same thing mine is. It's just so annoying -- she ALWAYS keeps up with me except when we are doing our short fast runs, then she lets her self get behind. I wonder why this is? somehow her motivation drops at that point, while I am more competitive at shorter distances. It's a mystery. I plan on going home from work and taking a nap right away. I'm just so tired...
7/9/2010 -- Well Yesterday I ate like a pig. Protein shake at 6am -- pizza at 10am -- a HUGE plate of french fries & chicken tenders (the frozen then bake kind) at 3:30pm -- then 4 more chicken tenders at 6pm -- then gram crackers -- tons of water -- & Half a cliff bar & half a bannanna before bed. after thinking about postponing our big run till Monday we decided to go for it. We headed out at about five till five -- passed the rest of the boot camp group going out for their one mile run... I tried all the stuff that I learned from reading yesterday and it worked pretty good -- I battled fatigue head on and I did alright against it. I was pretty far ahead of Deb & Jer by the end -- My goal was to do it in less than 2 hours and I made it! It was though though on those last hills. it was just the 13.6 again -- I figured, what's .4 more? Nothing.... I drank all my 4 8oz waters, & a gummy at the half way point. My Calf felt alright, but my left foot started hurting after a while. JEr had a horrible run, I feel bad because I left him and then so did Deb -- but I had a goal.... He says he has blisters on his heels and toes, his neck hurts, his head hurts, his hips hurt & his left knee feels like it's going to fall off. :( POOR JER!!! I feel so bad. I guess he is feeling a bit better now so that's good. Bad runs are just no fun for anyone -- I should have taken the car to go rescue him, I guess he was struggling to get back. Oh the guilt.... But it's over now and we only have to more big runs till the race, so that's GREAT. We are all going to rest this weekend and skip the 3mile run that we were supposed to do today...I think we all need the rest.
7/13/2010 Well -- the weekend of rest was good, however my left calf just feels worse than ever. Resting it for just 2 days just dosen't seem to do anything good for it -- in fact, I think it makes it worse, after the 13.6 I felt pretty good all day, then the next day hurt, and the next day even worse... Yesterday I ran 1mile and at first it hurt, but then after about 1/4 mile it felt pretty good. Today we did 7, I took my Endurance Fule that I just got, don't know if I really felt any better though. That stuff tastes horrible. My first 1/2ish mile was pretty bad, hurt, I was limping pretty bad for a bit, but then it started to loosen up and I was alright. Jer was hard to keep up with -- turns out that he thought I was setting the fast pace and I thought he was -- I don't see how he could have thought it was me.... it was all I could do to keep up, I wanted to slow down SO bad. We finished 7 miles in about 55ish minutes though, so that's pretty good for us I guess. Right now it hurts to walk. I took pain meds right after the run to keep the inflammation down, then I iced it like usual... it just seems like nothing helps. I don't know if it's getting worse, I dont' remember how it's been, but it certainly is not getting better... it's very annoying. I'm going to stay with the schedule though -- less than three weeks! I can do it!!! Then... I will rest. I will rest and sleep in and drink wine every day for a week (i'm not going to drink any wine or anything else with alcohol in it till the race... or if I do it will be very minimal) So, tomorrow we do boot camp and hills -- it's going to be HOT so I might do hills and no boot camp in the morning -- or come in late go out early... Not sure. Thursday we are going to meet at Jers and do 8miles. then Friday we may do ether 3 or 15 -- and Sunday we will do what ever is left.... We're going to run from Jers house in Yorkville to My parents house in Sandwich -- Should be interesting. We only have 86 miles + the actual race to go. so 99.1 miles left... I think I will need new shoes by then. Our total mileage for the whole 12 week schedule that we have pretty much followed to the T comes to a grand total of 336.1 miles.... YIKES. Well, that's all for now, at least after figuring that out I know why my leg hurts.... 237 miles in 9 weeks.
7/14/2010 -- I'm not doing so good. We did hills this morning... it was fine -- but my calf/shin hurts SO bad now just to walk. I don't know what to do -- everything I read stays stop running -- it's only going to get worse -- but I did heal my other leg while running.... I just want it to stop -- it hurts so bad but i've gotten so far and been through so much for this -- I feel like i've gone too far to go back. I want to keep doing this training program so bad -- I just don't want to injor myself so bad that I will have to take months off after the race, and i'm just so tired of the pain. It's all I think about it, because after 2 steps it just hurts and hurts and hurts. I can't even push on my clutch with out it hurting. I"m very upset and sad about this. And angry. I don't know what to do. We are supposed to do 8 tomorrow -- I don't know if I can make myself stop -- but I know I should... Do I risk serious injury for this race and make myself stressed and miserable for 2 weeks and 4 days more then rest for at least 3 weeks and hope i'm alright? I don't know. I just wish I could go back to the days that I was running pain free -- I hate to think of what I am doing to my poor leg -- tearing it to shreds I guess. Is it worth it? will I think it is when i'm done with the half in 18 days? it's only 18 days -- such a fragment of the time that I have been training for this. Why now? what am I doing wrong?

7/15/2010 -- We went for our 8 mile run this morning -- it was a nice run, not too much pain. I wrapped my leg with tape, it seemed to help a little bit, but by the end of the run I looked like the mummy unraveled -- My tape didn't hold up too well... I tried to stretch as best I could -- I put ice on it as soon as I could -- took my Endurance Fuel before and after the run -- took anti inflammatory stuff before the run, what more can I do? The endurance fuel is really weird, about 5 minutes after i take it I get the strangest pricklie/itchy feeling -- I read it's from some high dose of some stuff (I forgot what) I don't know why it doesn't have a warning label on it, I would have freaked out if I hadn't read about it online before taking it. Not really feeling results from that, but it's only the second time I've had it, so i'll give it some time. I talked to a doctor last night -- not my idea, jer had to open his big mouth and ask.... And of course, she said what I knew any doctor would say, and this is, that I need to rest it, and i am just doing more damage. She said that if it is a muscle tear, it could eventually break and then I would need surgery... and here I thought the worse thing I could do was get stress fractures and have to rest longer...She said pretty much what I have been reading R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.) Rest, I've decided is last resort, but I should probably do the elevation thing, it's a little hard here at work though. I don't even think I'm flexible enough to get my leg higher than my heart...Well, anyway, I guess I will just hang in here. I want to do 15 tomorrow -- it's going to be the best day for it and I don't have to work because I took the day off to go to the water park (see, that's rest, I will lay in the sun and rest for an hour) So... We will probably do that -- Deb and Jer are wavering though because it was so hot this morning -- it was 77 and HUMID, we were all soaked when we were done, and we were running slow because the last 7 we did was really fast -- I don't know if I can make it -- but as long as I can run I will, hopefully i will be able to make it to the race, I am worried that it will get to the point that I can't run, and then I won't be able to run the race at all -- that would be horrible -- those thoughts make me thing maybe I should rest now and then start running the week of the race -- but what if that doesn't even help? I guess I'll just have to see how it goes.

7.16/2010 -- Alright -- Well today Deb and I headed out around ten till to JErs (we were running late because prepping for a 15 mile run takes a while) Then when we got to jers it took us even more time because I decided to spread vasilien all over my waste so to try to avoid chafing. We started out running at 5:10am -- headed right to 71 and continued to bud road. My leg finally stopped hurting much by then (about 3ish miles i'd say) Bud road was really pretty -- I had 3 8oz containers of water and 1 with my special endurance fuel -- We got into millington feeling pretty good, the next road was really long however, and bud road ended up being quite a lot hillier than I had though it would be. I felt pretty good though, we kept it at a slow pace. We were running along and getting close to Newerk when a woman drive towards us, I'm 90% sure she was looking right at us, she was where she should have been on the road, right in her lane, maybe even a little over the yellow line, then suddenly when she got close to us, instead of going away from us, she went towards us!!! We couldn't believe it, we all had to jump off the road, I waved my hands out and she almost hit them, then I yelled as she passed by, but she never turned back.... Un believable. I'm pretty sure if she had hit us she would not have turned around. THEN, we continued on and crossed the river, as we were running someone drove by going the same way as us (so he was in the other lane) and he threw food at us! a half eaten English muffin and something else -- it didn't hit any of us, so at least he had bad aim, but still. un believable, 2 horrible people in one day. It's bad enough running 15 miles with out stupid people like that. It did however make me angry and distract me from my aching hips and foot arches, so all in all I guess it made it a better more interesting run. Once we got to 45th road time started going kind of slow -- it was a gravel road so it was kind of hard to run on, then it just kept going and going.... Poor Deb didn't know we had to run so far on that road, so she had a rough time -- at one point she felt like she was going to pass out -- so I gave her a gummy... When we finally got back my parents were worried because Deb had told them that we were going to be their at 7am-- but it was 7:30 by the time we got their. My mom had already headed down the road looking for us a couple times, and my dad ended up coming out in the car looking for us -- we were almost back by that time. It was great to stop and stretch, get a dry shirt and eat a WONDERFUL breakfast made by my wonderful mother. She made eggs, peach french toast, crescents, and bacon, it was awesome...and smoothies...and coffee... I was SO hungry! it was great. My leg hasen't really hurt much since this morning -- but i'm sure it will later -- I guess I just need to run 15 miles every day and the i'll be ok. I'm going to try to keep it stretched today... I did ice it right when I got to my parents house, so hopefully that helped. tomorrow or Sunday I will run 3 miles, I might just run every day just to keep my calf stretched... not sure.

7.17.2010 -- Today we are going to run 3 miles on the tread mill -- it's hot out side and I was up late last night so getting up early was out of the question. My leg doesn't feel TOO bad actually. I was a little worried Friday night -- after being at the water park all day it felt pretty good, but then when we went to the drive in movie theater it started to feel like a horrible painful noodle leg. It hurt SO bad to get off the bed of my truck where we were sitting.... But the next day it felt pretty good -- I road horses and took care of my moms puppies -- they pulled me around a little and that kind of hurt, but it really wasn't that bad. I did however jump out of the neighbors pool and smash my other knee into a rock.... now it has a big cut on it and is a little sore.... that was really less than smart... Oh well, at least I won't favor my left one anymore because they both hurt...So, I'm off to run 3 miles... It's going to be an easy three miles because my legs are sore now, I think from swimming and jumping on this huge jumper thing...
7.18.2010 -- Well we ran 3 miles on the tread mill yesterday, I forgot to take pain meds, so I had trouble dealing with all the pain in my leg, also my tread mill was being weird.... Deb decided to run from home and not tell anyone, so she ran an extra mile. Whatever. I thought we were a team..... I'm just so tired of the pain, I want it to stop. I feel it in every step I take all day... It's hard to keep dealing with it, i can't wait till it's over and I can rest for 2 weeks, I don't even know if that will be enough rest though. I know you are supposed to use R.I.C.E Rest, Ice, Compression and Ice, but how often? should I be doing it now?
7.20.2010 -- Last night we ran our Tuesday run because it was supposed to rain this morning -- I don't think it ever did though, so I wish we had just run this morning, getting up is so much harder when you don't actually HAVE to get up at a certain time. We met at Jer's in Yorkville and headed down 71 to a little subdivision, did a loop around that and headed down another road. I felt pretty good, my leg had finally started to feel alright, although my right leg was aching a little from limping on my left one for a mile,  but it did end up stopping. I was having a great run, would have finished 8 miles in an hour... THEN a dog came out of someplace and started following us. We thought she would stop, but she didn't. We tried to catch her, but couldn't, but she kept following us or running ahead of us. we started to get close to rt 47, so we were worried that she would get hit, we tried to catch her again, but she ran away, we didn't even know where she went, so we crossed, only to see her come running towards the road, we called her because their wasn't any traffic at the time, but she didn't go then, she had to wait till traffic came, then she tried to come. We raced to the other side and herded her over the road before the cars ran her (and us) over. After that she followed us as we ran again.... She ended up getting tired so we had to have some kids catch her (we knew that their was no way she was going to find her way home at this point, and we were the only ones who knew what direction she came from -- Her owners must have had kids because she would come to them) So, we led her home and lost about a mile of our run to walking (really kind of a shame because I was having a really good run...) We called the Police & Animal Control, but we have not gotten any phone calls yet. She's a really nice Dog, shame on whoever did not put tags on her and let her loose.She's at Jers house still, hopefully we will hear from someone today. If we had only just gone running this morning... My leg is killing me again today -- I'm icing it and keeping it up for a bit. It hurts so bad I don't feel like I can go on, but I know it will feel better later today. I ordered some insoles (Signature DK Response) they are supposed to help with over pronating. I also got my L-Glutamine in the mail yesterday, so I tried that before the run. I didn't get to take my endurance fule though after the run because of all the dog drama.... Today I think I will go to one of the YMCA classes, perhaps biking. -- (Later) we got a call about the dog -- her owner came and picked her up. I have been starving all day -- I just ate lunch an hour ago and am already hungry, i was hungry all night, and and about an hour after breakfast I was hungry.... I'm really looking forward to being normal again -- being able to run with out pain -- being able to walk with out pain -- not being hungry constantly, not getting up early, not worrying how I will get my run in and when, not waking up in the middle of the night and thinking i'm going to be late for the run, not icing, messaging, compressing my leg....Not taking supplements... If it weren't for the pain however, I think I would sign up for a marathon -- I'm already trained, it would only take about 6 more weeks i'd say. Some marathon programs stop at 20 miles, all we need is 5 more miles for that... but I think i'd have a better program than that. anyway, 2 weeks - 5 days! 51.1 miles to the end.
07.21.2010 -- Last night Jer and I went for a ten mile bike ride. It was a rout of a run we did. I think it might have been eayser to run it, hills and bikes... ouch... we did it fast too -- probably half an hour ish. Then, this morning we ran 8.3 miles. I felt okay most of the time, then Deb disipeared and we saw her back their walking... then we didn't see her at all... figured she had to go in the woods for certain un mentionable reasons.... Then I started to get tired, my legs started to hurt, I was so sick of hills... finally Deb came into view.... I was loosing motivation and then I had to go to the bathroom... but of course bathrooms were no where to be found, so finally I had to go out in the corn field... always a good time.... Thats got to be one of the worst running problem a runner could have.... After that lovely experience  I started back up again, felt better and made it home. I guess I didn't really walk too much, but I feel annoyed none the less. I'm just so worn out -- any excuse to not run as fast, or to start walking is getting more and more tempting. If I hadn't gone in the corn field I would have walked the whole way back... So.... we have about 51.1 miles left to go. We have an 11 this week -- a track work out, a three miler -- then next week a 8, a 3, a 5 and another three, then the race! Oh, and I got blisters on the inside of my left foot, their is no way I could get those with out my over pronating problem. Hoping that my new insoles come today... I have many reasons to limp and hobble around today :(
7.23.2010 -- Yesterday night Jer and I ran 3 miles-- we were originally going to do 11 this morning at 4:15, but after we ran the 3 in the heat and humidity and looked up the weather to find that it wasn't going to change too much, we decided against it. Deb wasn't too happy because she had planned on it and wanted to get it out of the way, I felt bad, but I really didn't want to do it in the heat. Sure, we might have to run the half in the heat if that's how it's going to be, but i'd rather not do it more than absolutely necessary. It would be nice to have it done though... but oh well. So, we ran another 3 this morning -- it was supposed to be the track work out -- but we just ran a fast 3 miles instead because we didn't feel like going to the track. I still hurt, but right now it doesn't feel as bad as it did yesterday. After the 3 jer and I went to the YMCA and did sit-ups, bicycles, flutter kicks, and oblique sit ups with 30 seconds of plank between each. then we did some leg stuff, some jumping jacks, some mountain climbers & some push ups... it was a good 2 person boot camp session. We even counted like we did in boot camp -- he did the "one, two, three" part and I did the actual counting... I'm glad we did at least that. We are going to get our 11 miler in on Sunday morning now, it will be the coolest. I was talking to Deb the other day and she feels the same way I do, we can't wait to stop running and heal so that we can run with out pain, and not have pain every time we walk.... it will be SO nice....
7.25.2010 -- This morning we went on our 11 mile run around 7am. It was a nice day, the sun was a little hot, but not too bad. we ran from Plano to Silver springs and then back through shafer woods, around that loop, and back through Lakewood springs. It was a pretty good run, my leg didn't hurt too bad this time, could be because I took Pain meds right when I got up... We started out pretty slow and picked up the pace about a mile and a half out. Jer was going faster than I really felt like it, I felt kind of lazy, but we all kept up. He had a good run, so that's good for him since last big run we did he had a horrible run. We got back at about 8:40 -- so decent time -- that run has quite a lot of hills, a long one on eldamain, a really long one on river, a really steep one on Blackhawk, and then another med. one on Shafer. The Rock N Roll half doesn't have hardly any hills, so it should be eayser. I'm just worried that I will go to fast to start with and burn out. I had my running flue drink after the run, we also had a smoothie. Jers toe nail is going to come off -- it looks horrible, all black.... I put vasilien on my sores before I put my water pack on, and it seems like it actually helped this time. It's all down hill from here with training. I"m going to try to run our last 8 miler on tuesday pretty fast -- then I think I will take Friday and Saturday off before the race.
7.26.2010 -- Ouch.
7.27.2010 -- Today we ran 8.5 miles. Yesterday I ate pasta and sweet corn for dinner and drank lots of water. I got up at 4am (YUCK) and grabbed some IBprofin right away, then took that other pill that's supposed to boost immune system, then I ate 3/4 of a blueberry cliff bar... Got up, changed my clothes, wend down and got my endurance fuel in one of my little water bottles, put band-aids on my blisters (they are huge, right on the inside top part of my left foot, must be from running on it weird because of my pain...It seriously takes me longer to get ready for a run than it does to get ready for work, it's crazy. we actually got going at 4:45 -- Jer and Deb kept taking turns going into the bathroom -- we headed out towards Faxon Rd. It was dark for at least half of our run, Guess daylight is shorting now -- We should have worn reflective stuff, but I didn't realize that it would be dark so long. The run went pretty good -- I tried to just accept the pain in my left leg and not limp so that my right leg wouldn't start to ache, and it seemed to help. I felt better than I have ever felt going up the hill after stink hill (I named it that because it's by the sewer plant) Usually those long hills kill me, but I had a good song going on the pod & I felt no pain or strain on my legs, and didn't really have trouble breathing... It was nice. Running back towards the YMCA is always hard because we are use to stopping their, but when we start at Debs house, we have to keep going.... I hate that, but it was less hard than usual, Half way between the Y and home I slowed down to a jog to do a warm down (I'm trying to do that more now because i'm willing to do anything to help my leg from feeling worse, and I read warming up and worming down can really be beneficial. We got back, and I was dripping with sweat like usual, I drank all my waters and had some more endurance fuel. That stuff is getting a little eayser to drink now, I don't mind it too much, I just try not to smell it, cause it stinks. I do still really like drinking in during the run, I truly think it gives me more energy. I iced my leg right away, and after I got to work I put head on it.... I also stopped by Dicks the other day and got some Gels for the half. We are going to head down town around 2pm on Saturday. Can't wait. Deb is getting nervous about it though, hopefully it won't ruin her run Sunday. I'm a little nervous, but I know I have trained hard & have learned a lot. I know what I need to do to get through this -- hopefully I won't forget anything at home.
7/28/2010 -- Today I was supposed to run 4 miles -- I did not because my leg hurts and i'm hoping giving it a little rest before sunday will help it. Deb and JEr did however, I don't know why. The whole time we have been doing this training program all I get from Jerry is complaining complaining complaining, he thinks we need to run less, it's too hard, too many miles, we're over training... then he says lots of schedules have you take the last 2 weeks off.... THen he says that he wants to cut back the last week quite a bit... Deb complains about her shins all the time.... ANd yet, I did not go and they did. I worked out alone on the bike and then did some ab stuff and weights and squats and calf raises and stretching... They took the whole hour to run 4 miles because it's humid out. It's just frustrating because I made the schedule and got got nothing but complaining from Jerry, but he did it, and is stronger because of it -- What would have they done if I hadden't made the schedule? They probably would have done a much eayser schedule that only had them running 10 miles by now maybe 12 -- and they would not be nearly as strong as they are... but all I get is complaining that we can't stay up late, and all we ever do is run, and this morning he texted me to say "lets just work out after work" and I said I was going, so he showed up and just left me when it was his original idea to cut back this week. It's lame. I thought we were a team, but I guess not. I am going to try to get an appointment with my bosses Girl friend Christy who is a sports therapist -- hopefully that will help me out -- I figured i want to go to the doctor after all this anyway, why not try something else. I really dont' want to spend the money on it though -- it's so expensive to go to doctors -- It's bad enough having to buy running shoes every three months.... But I guess i will have to give it a shot. I am SO tired of being in pain all the time. I'm just worn down from it, I don't even remember what it's like not to be in pain. it's been months.
7.28/2010 -- Today we went to the YMCA at 4:50 and jer was not their.... We called him, but he didn't anwser, so Deb and I set out alone. We ran to blackhawk road -- I got my new shoe incerts and had them in. they felt wierd, I had a lump under my arch that kept me from rolling my foot like I do.... They made the heel of my shoe smaller, so my foot didn't feel as secure in my shoe, but I do think they helped. I felt good the whole time -- We went around the Shafer woods loop twice to make the run almost 6 miles. I started getting a blisetr on my right heel, and one on my left arch, so that was a little unconfortable, but not to bad. It seems that pain is different than it use to be. It dosen't feel the same. Pain is not just a annoyance that must be delt with and defeated. My pain tolerance is deffantly higher than it was 12 weeks ago. I can believe that this is the last run we plan on doing on the schedule -- it has us down for another 3 and a 4 I think, but we are going to rest instead. Probably go for a bike ride tomorrow and then a walk saturday night. This morning the sunrise was awesome. I love being up to see it. I have seen more sunrises this year than I have in my whole life -- The weather was also perfect this morning for a run. I was thinking while I was running.... "Why do I run" and I didn't really know. I guess it's just what I do right now. I like the companionship -- eventhough Deb and Jer and I don't really talk too much when we run, we are still together, sharing something, most of the time it's pain and sweat, but it's also sunrises, sunsets, people trying to run us over & throw sandwiches on us, little yellow birds flying all around over the river as we cross a bridge, a deer running across the road, a nice day, rain, snow, hot weather, cold weather..... Its just sharing those experances and watching each other grow and get better. It's also the challange -- somehow everyday tasks seem eayser now, being motaved to just make a list of things to do and just do it... It dosen't seem so hard after running 15 miles -- it's a sence of acomplishment, its something that a lot of people cant do, or would never want to do.... All that and yet.... If you ask me why I run, I would still have to reply "I don't know, It's just what I do".
I am going to a sports massage theripest today at 2:30, she really seems to think that she can help me, so i'm going to give it a shot, what do I have to loose exept my money? I figured I'd go to a doctor after this anyway if it dosen't heal up pretty quick, and she will probably cost about the same as a doctor would, only I actually know her, and i'd rather spend money that way then give it to a corporation, I don't like doctors anyway....

8-01-2010 -- Well the half marathon is over. I am very disappointing because I did not have a good run and I did not have enough will power to over come it. I think I started too fast for me for that day, and it just wore on me. I was running and I just didn't have it. I stopped caring when I finished.... It didn't matter to me anymore -- it matters now though, but it's too late. I don't know what  causes my will power to leave me -- It must be something like over indulging in food and wondering why you ate so much after you are done -- Minds are tricky things. I just don't know what was wrong... Something was though -- I just felt like I couldn't breath right -- my lungs were closing up, and I wasn't getting enough air, then my legs started to hurt, then my music started to suck, I thought I had a good running mix, but I was wrong, it was horrible. But... it is what it is. I can always do another one sometime when my leg (which really hurts right now) gets better... My feet are killing me right now too -- I just feel so tired and wiped out. This was nothing like I thought it would be, I don't feel like celebrating -- I just feel like going to sleep and never running again. I need a new sport -- why do I run? It's a stupid "sport" it's bad for my body (otherwise why would I be in so much pain) it's bad for joints, it's bad for feet.... it's just bad. Deb and Jer did great though -- I guess the schedule trained them to run it in around 1:45 just like it said it would... I just wish that was the case for me.

Recovery and beoyond

Here is what i wrote about after the half -- after this, everything will be new.

Recovery - ?

I have completed my first half marathon with disappointing results. I am not healing up a 2 month calf injury hoping to start running again soon.

8/5/2010 -- It has been 3 full days since the Chicago Rock and Roll half marathon. I have been stretching, massaging and icing my leg. It still hurts, but does feel better. I am hoping to go back to running lightly next week. I will at least go back to boot camp on Monday. It has been very nice to take this week off though. I have enjoyed eating what I want, Not worrying about getting tons of carbs with rice etc. and not drinking pop, I have enjoyed pop just about every day this week. I have also had wine every night, that has been awesome. I have stayed up till ten and slept till 6am, also very nice. It's nice not to have to drink tons of water, I was SO sick of water and wild rice. Of course I still drink water, but I don't have to obsess over making sure I drink enough, I now drink when i'm thirsty. Staying up late and not worrying abut getting all the necessary sleep is nice too, I have been out to a late dinner, stayed out late talking and playing bean bags with neighbors, watched late movies, tonight i'm going to a cougars game, Friday i'm staying out late going to Lalapalooza... it's nice. I knew running ruled my life, but I just didn't know how much it really did. It truly is a lifestyle. I won't be sad to go back, but I am enjoying my time off quite a lot. Last night I did a little work out, today I want to go on a bike ride. I'm just hoping that i will be better by Tuesday to run. I"m not sure what I want to train for. I think i'll do another half and try to get a better time, I was so dissipated about the last one, I feel like I need to redeem myself to myself. So, I was thinking of doing 1 or to more Halfs this year, if I feel really good an actual marathon by the end of the fall, not sure about that though. At least one 10k is planned, and a 5k. It all depends on how this leg feels though. I do get very tired of icing, stretching, wrapping ect.... but I'll do what it takes to get better and stay injury free. I send my insoles back -- they had TONS of arch support, and I think my feet are just too flat for them. I ordered some Nike Zoom structures, hopefully they will be good and I want to get a running GPS watch.

8/12/2010 -- ALRIGHT well -- lets see. Monday I went to boot camp -- we did stations YUCK and the gym was SO hot -- I worked out HARD though and felt good about that, almost all boy push ups and no slacking. THEN I went over to my parents and helped move 220ish bales of hay, it was so hot and humid out and we were trying to beat the darkness and the mosquitoes were out in force... HORRIBLE -- AND my sister threw a bale of hay right on my leg (of course the hurt one) So, Tuesday I was a little sore -- but we ran 6 miles, back on Faxon to 34 and back again.It was alright -- a little hot and sticky, I wore my new shoes... They were good except at about 3/4s of the way it started feeling like I was running on FIRE!!!!  Then I realized that it was because I was getting blisters on my arches (BOTH of them) it was not fun. When I got back and peeled my socks off I was greeted with a very sore line of red raw blisters on each arch.OUCH. Wednesday we decided to skip boot camp -- I knocked on Debs door and when she came out it was about the quickest decision she has ever made to agree to skip -- jer was all ready to go, but he decided to go back to bed too. It was SO nice to sleep more -- I needed it after my crazy week (out every night late, wine every night....) THEN, at work I got my new running watch the Graman forerunner 305. after looking at houses with my realitor, mom, sister and BF (I just got pre approved for a loan!!!)  I read the instructions and figured out how to use it. I used it this morning for 5.5ish miles... it was really cool -- I love it. Can't wait to get lots of data in it to look at, I love data. I think this little trainer watch is going to give me the motivation I need to be better, faster stronger. I'm quick to think "they're just better runners than me, I can't keep up" but I really can't say that when I'm doing a virtual running partner with one of my previous runs... I can't be worse than myself... It was a pretty good run though, still hot, hottest day of the year I here.... Nice to only go 5ish miles for once. Ann and Mechelle who are training for a marathon (the Chicago) ran 18 miles today -- I'm glad that's not me -- and Matt has to do another 7 at home tonight -- can't say I miss that, i'm glad i'm done with training hard for a little while. My leg is doing pretty good I think -- I'm still icing it, stretching and massaging it and I really think it's working...

8-18-2010 -- Well, running is going ok. Last Thursday we did 6 -- then Sunday we ran 8 out on a trail in Oswego -- it was nice to have a change in scenery. I signed up for scoccer -- I got a 9.5 shoe for it (cleats) hoping they will work out the 9 that I normally wear just felt too tight, not sure if that is how they are supposed to fit though. Hopefully I will like it and not get hurt -- got shin guards too.  We did the 8 miles at a 9min a mile pace -- it was a little tough because it was 8am when we started so it got hot pretty quick.Yesterday we went to boot camp and after that my leg hurt pretty bad but after a walk at the forest preserve it felt better. Today we ran 6.4 miles -- it was nice, awesome day out. finally a cooler day - only 63 or so. Debbie however has been ruining my runs. She clames that she doesn't care about going fast, just does it to burn calories, but this morning she just kept going faster. We were going plenty fast... It would have been nice if she has stayed and run with us, but she didn't. It's just sad because of all the times I kept pace with her and could have gone faster she is just out for herself these days. Oh well... Guess it's just me and Jer, at least he'll stick with us. We ran a extra Shafer woods loop that Debi didn't know about because she ran ahead -- I don't know what's gotten into her lately she just cares about her running and not about us as running partners. Guess I better just get use to it though...  Tomorrow I might do speed training on a track instead of boot camp, not sure.
8-24-2010 -- Training is going alright. Thursday I just ran 7 miles at Jers house -- it was nice for a change of senery. Saturday we met up with Boot camp runners and ran at the Vergal Gilman trail. JEr and I did 10 -- it was nice... nothing too eventful. We ran up with quite a few people, 2 turned around at 4.5, we turned around at 5 and the rest are training for a marathon so they kept on going. I was happy it wasen't me, I have no desier to run 18 miles right now. Yesterday we did boot camp, I biked, then Jer and I met up with someone who knows what to look for in a runner, she evulated our run and gave us drills to learn how to run better. I had no idea running was so hard. I guess my injory has damaged my running stride, I know land flat on my feet and bend my knees to "absorb the shock" when in reality it does the oppiset and makes it worse in the long run, so I have to work on that. I'm exited to start doing the drills. After that I went for a bike ride, probably only 4 miles or so, but it was a beautiful night. Today we ran about 5.3. I have decided to slown down a little because I"m sick of running at my max heart rate like Deb is always wanting to do.... I don't know if it is her max heart rate, but from the way she is breathing i'm pretty sure it is. It just takes the enjoyent out of it for me. I will do speed training in the max zone, but not a 5 mile run. i'd like to keep it under 90% of max, which I think is under 190bpm -- not sure though, I need to figure out what my max is, I think I will do the hill test tonight to figure that out. However, I'm running with Cami tonight because she didn't run this morning because of her son, so we're doing 5, but she runs slower, so it'll be a nice change. I read that working out twice in a day is better because you still have a whole day to recover, so that is what I plan on doing, running 3-4 days a week. This week is going to be hard to get the weekend run in though, I guess I will have to go on sunday as well as play my first scoccer game. I'm thinking 12 this week, then back down to maybe 10 or 9 the week after that then do a 13 or 14 again. I think I will run the Prarie State half marathon on Oct. 9th.
8.26.2010 -- My leg is feeling pretty good now. Jer massaged it when we were watching TV Tuesday night, and it feels REALLY good today, i'm exited. It dosen't really hurt at all... Yesterday I did absolutely nothing active. We went to a sox game and I ate SO much food, it was soo good, but I think I would feel better today if I hadn't. THey had a HUGE buffet with everything you could want pretty much, all you can drink, then outside they had more... soft pretzels, ice cream, Italian beefs, pop corn.... wow. then a huge desert bar... bread pudding, cheese cake, cookies... I haven't been that full since Christmas. Since we were out so late last night we are going to run tonight because getting up early to run after all that would have been bad... I think we are going to do about 12 miles because i'm gone Saturday for a family reunion... Not sure where or when though, I have to care for my parents animals as well... somehow it will work out. Then Friday I figured i'd bike ride to sandwich to take care of horses, then ride horses and clean stalls... then maybe bike back or get a ride. Then Saturday we will be driving all day... I figured Sunday i'd go for another shorter run... then Monday off like usual....
9.23.2010 -- Well Something horrible happened about 4 weeks ago. I had my first Soccer game, it was fun, crazy exhausting but fun, it was the last half in the last 7 minutes... I got the ball, their was a line to the goal... I shifted all my weight to my left leg to kick the ball to the line when suddenly I got slammed from behind, my ankle twisted and popped and I fell. I couldn't get up, I couldn't walk, it hurt. I was golf carted off the field and they gave my ice right away... I thought maybe it was broken but then I thought about previous sprained ankles, and about how I had fallen and I thought sprain. I lightly walked on it that day because it was my Grandmas birthday... Bad Idea... I couldn't bend it at all and it was SO swollen it looked like I has a 200 lb woman. I read up on sprains and started R.I.C.E treatment. for 3 days I didn't walk on it, it was so hard, I though for sure I would fall down the stairs with the crutches... I had to drive my truck because my car is a stick and I couldn't put the clutch down... it was sad, I couldn't even think about going to boot camp let alone running. after 3 days I started walking on it and doing excersizes to strengthen it -- it was hard, I could barly move it, walking was extremely painful, I kept hitting it on stuff and it hurt... I couldn't raise my weight with it.... but I walked, I went for walks around the neighborhood... then I started biking. Each morning I'd get up and hobble around because it was so stiff and sore first thing. It slowly started getting better and after 10 days I went on my first 3 mile run with a brace. it was hard. the next run I did 4, and the next 5. it was doing good but only for forward backward motion, it was still very tired at the end of the run. After that I started running back in my regular running group. It wasen't too bad getting back to running at normal pace -- Boot camp was hard at first because I couldn't jump on it... Now it has been 4 weeks and it is doing good, but still sore. I can kick the kick stand on my bike now without pain (before I couldn't do it at all, I had to use my other foot) it's still sore, and I still need to do strengthening stuff with it to make it stronger, but last weekend I ran almost 10 on it, today we did a practice race for the YMCA to make sure their time equipment works, we ran 5+ miles at a 8:24 pace... I felt good, and my ankle dosen't feel too bad. I ice it after every workout -- and i'm taking fish oil pills to help with the inflammation...  that's about it... the rest of my leg feels good not that it had to rest completely for about 10 days.... so that's good. maybe thats what I needed to, something to force myself to rest, I defiantly had NO choice. it about drove me crazy.
10.7.10 -- My running is going good. Ankel is holding up good. I have been running in the 8:20's these days. I"m going to start my 10k training schedule this week. This morning we ran 6.1ish miles -- I felt ok, but not awesome, Tuesday we ran to Blackhawk 5 miles in 40 minutes, it was COLD! I think that's why I wanted to go so fast because I made the mistake of wearing shorts and my legs were SO cold. Tonight I'm going to go to the track and run 4 800's at with 440 jogs between reps with a 1mile warm up and cool down. I think that was my problem before, no warm ups or cool downs. My legs feel pretty good, I am worried about getting a shin splint though because I have tightness and pain every now and then, but so far so good, thing has lasted long enough for me to complain about. This training plan, I plan on running every other day -- I think i want to have a whole day for my legs to rest and recover between runs. So we'll see how that goes. I hope to run the Hobbler Gobbler in 45:00 that would be 7:30ish miles. We did a mile test the other day and with about 75 - 80% effort I ran a 6:14, so I was pretty happy with that considering last test (a long time ago) I was completely all out and did a 6:59. I'm using a runners world coach for this session for 6 weeks before the race, so i'm exited to see how it goes! I think I will just have my own schedule and others can come with if they want, but getting everyone on the same training program for a long period of time is way too hard. Most likely going to the track alone tonight.
10.26.2010 -- I'm still training for the 10 K -- its 2 weeks away. I have been doing my speed work once a week & have been running my normal runs faster -- usually around an 8:30. THis week I have a 9 mile long run -- I have felt pretty good lately, hoping that everything holds up till my races are over. So far I will do the 10k and a 5k in yorkville, I will probably sign up for a couple more before the racing season is over.I got these new compression sleeves for my calves that I LOVE. I wear them when I run and at night after a run. I have also been having a scoop of whey protein after runs. Every now and then my ankle starts to hurt again, or my calves will be tight, or my shin might hurt a little, but nothing major yet. Maybe I finally found the right shoes or I'm just stronger and more flexible than before. My big toe nail is ready to come off though -- i'm a little worried about what it will feel like once it is off, but it's so loose it could come off any day with a little help. that's it for now...