Wednesday, March 30, 2011

yuck speed

So I have done 2 speed work outs so far to train for the 5k. the first was on the tread mill, it was tough. Last week I had  6 mile one, 1 mile warm up, then 4 miles at 7:25 pace. then a mile cool. it was SO tough. I ran my mile and it ended right at the bottom of a hill, so my first one was all a hill. I ran it in 7:11, the next one was 7:11 as well, right into a wind and up another hill, then I started to get tired and ran a 7:30, then I got a HORRIBLE side stitch and doubled over pain and had to walk for a bit, If finished off with the next 2 miles adverting 8ish or a little better. of course that was up another big hill, but a short one. It was though. then I did 6.5 the next day at an easy pace and then Friday was off no running. I did other stuff, Saturday I did a 10 miler. This week I did 6 yesterday, today I will do my track speed work out. it's 7 miles... not sure how it will work it's 1 mile repetes with 400m jogs between. should be interesting, hope I can do it. Then I just have 2 more 6's and a 11 mile long run.

-- my speed work last night went pretty good. my shin/calf is starting to hurt though, probably from running at 5pm 7m speed work then 5am 6 mile easy run. I wanted to do the speed work out on the track, but the high school kids were using it,so I had to run past it and just go down a country road... it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but the 2 miles after the 1 mile repeats was pretty tough. my legs were dead. I'm looking forward to not doing anything today after work that involves legs, except walking Matilda of course.

Friday, March 25, 2011

5k speed

Right now I am training for the EFRC 5k on may 15th. Debi and my mom are going to drive up, spend the night, run the race (I think my mom is going to walk it) then do something fun on the way home. I have done a lot of running lately and my legs are paying the price. Not too bad but i'm a little concerned that my old injury is coming back. it felt pretty much ok yesterday and today, but the day before that both of my calves were highly un happy. This week I did a 6.5miler, a 5 on the mill, a 6.5 out side in the wind and then yesterday a 6 mile tempo run. 1m warm up and 4 miles of speed. I made 2 7:11's one was up a hill, then I had to slow down I was dieing next was a 7:30 and then I got a horrible side stitch so I had to double over and walk... then I picked it up again and did a couple of 8's. I was supposed to have 4 miles at 7:25, but I didn't quite make it... Close though, I don't feel too bad. Cant' help a side stitch. today is a day of rest so I went to the gymn. tomorrow i'm running with people on the WCC Gilman trail... should be fun. nice slow long run. I need to work on more weights though....