Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whats Next?

Well - it's been months since the marathon. My mileage for long runs has gone down a lot. It's cold out though, so that's fine with me. Since the marathon I did a Gobbler Hobbler 10k - didn't feel that great for it though, I wasn't ready for speed - way slower than last year, but still third in my age group. I did the Spartan Sprint - which was by far the funnest race I have ever done.
Sorry I don't know why this is side ways
 it was 3.5 miles - and I did it with the boot camp group. Mud, hills, ropes, barb wire, stuff to drag or carry up hills and around the mud, it was crazy. I've never been so muddy that's for sure. Then I did a 8k Cross country challenge in December - it had lots of hills and mud and 2 chest high creek crossings. it was a fun race as well. Lately my running has been disappointing - I'm hoping to pull out of it. I haven't felt like pushing myself, I haven't felt like being uncomfortable, I haven't felt like hurting. It just hasn't been fun. But I better pull out of it because I have quite the year planned. So far I am signed up for the "Sky Line to the Sea 50k" in CA  on June 10th. And the Super Spartan race (8+) on Oct. However, my sister and I plan on signing up for 2 marathons before the 50k as training trail races, and another 50k The Devils Lake Dances With Dirt 50k, in WI, in July. So, I better just get on with it and start wanting to push it. And I better stop feeling so tired all the time. It's getting old. Training will start in February, Debi and I have to make our schedule. I know I want to incorporate a lot of strength training and hill runs. I guess this is a pretty challenging race - The view and over all experience will be amazing i'm sure. I'm also exited to go on my first trip with Debi - we plan on flying in to San Fransisco on the 9th - running the race - then heading to Yosemite National park to camp and hike... Thinking pain meds will be in order.