Monday, January 28, 2013

Gnaw Bone Schedule

Training has started! I did not realize that it needed to start so soon. I was making the schedule - and realized that it should have started that week - 16 weeks to Gnaw Bone... At first I was a little upset & filled with dread. I was not ready... I had not had good runs for 3 weeks because I had a chest cold and kept coughing constantly. It was horrible. Thankfully the 14 went ok - actually fairly well - and this week the 16m run went awesome, so now i'm feeling confident and ready and even looking forward to the long runs. This schedule is different than any schedule I have done in the past - it starts going easy, hard, easy hard in the high mileage weeks. I noticed that a lot of ultra schedules do this, so I figured I'd give it a try. I think it will be nice because i will be able to fully recover, and hopefully not get burned out. It will also be nice to stay up later every other Friday night & maybe plan stuff to do more often - the other schedules had 3 long weeks then one easy one - so I only got to really do anything fun friday night one week of the month... This will be nicer I think - more flexible. My water tube from my camel back froze Saturday on the run... I will have to tuck it into my clothing next cold run I do - ended up just taking it off and having a waterbottle in my pocket.
Next Sunday is the Super Bowl Fun Run that the starved rock running club puts on every year. This will be my 3rd year doing it & i'm looking forward to it. Planning on doing 18 saturday - then the fun run is 11 - so it will be nice to have a easy week after that. I'm also trying to get those hill & speed work outs in on Wednesdays. Hoping to be more prepared for those Indiana hills.