Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh no, more Snow

This weeks running went pretty good. We had some good boot camp strength training sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I logged 1.5ish miles on all of those days plus some springing. Tuesday was icy, so we ran inside, I did 7, Thursday no one wanted to run outside and Jer skipped, so I decided to run from home to the YMCA. I ran to clatt park, the Needman road, and back through Shafer woods then through Lakewood Springs. It was nice, Cold, somewhere around 15 degrees, but no wind. As usual I put one too many layers on. On Saturday I went on a almost 9 miler alone. I left around 8:30 and headed down Hale street, down to black hawk, to river and over to Eldamain, down shafer, through Lakewood Springs, down 34 and back through Clatt park to home. It was hard. It was snowing, so the roads were slippery, it slowed me down a LOT. my average was 8:55 I think, quite a bit slower than usual. I just wasn't feeling it. I"m hoping that I am not having a burn out. When I went through Lakewood it was really snowie and hard to run, then when I got to 34 I was SO cold, my face was numb, tons of cars were driving by, snow was landing on my face and melting, making me even colder.... it was windy. Not fun. But I made it back, I cut out a little part of it that has a hill that I knew would not be plowed at all, so it ended up being 8.70... That's alright.

When I got back I had a protine drink, rolled out on the roller and stretched. I skipped Yoga because my parents were coming over with some stuff for my house. After that I shoved the driveway, and took Matilda for a walk. Today I took her to the forest preserve for a 2 mile walk. That's my excersize for the week -- I plan to do no more.

My diet through out the week wasent TOO bad. I had some candy at Jers house that I probably didn't need, yesterday I ate too many crackers and 2 muffins, and some chips. Through out the week I just struggle, I want to eat all the time, but I can't eat as much as I use to because I'm not running as much, and i'd really rather not put extra miles in just so I can stuff my face more. Today will be 23 days with no alcohol, 4 more days of the January challenge. The annoying thing is that I have not lost any weight from it. You'd think that cutting out 700 or so calories a week for 4 weeks would do something. I think i've just been more stressed so I've wanted to snack on lots of food instead of a couple of glasses of wine. I am looking forward to the 27th, finally I can have wine in my new hosue.

Monday, January 17, 2011

First 10 miler in a while

On saturday I decided I want to run 10 miles. I got up at 7am, rolled over to grab my I phone to check the weather. It was about 20 (going to be 24 by the time I was going to run) with 11 mile/hour winds. The winds almost made me stay in bed, but I decided to toughen up and go anyway --  I made some coffee & ate some oat meal. Then I made some potato & steak soup and put it in the crock pot. I had decided to run alone because I wanted to go at my own pace, and not have any one (JERRY) complain about how many miles I wanted to go, or what rout to go, I wanted to go exactly where I wanted to go and at the pace I wanted to go at. I geared up, I decided to go with sweat pants, long sleeved shirt, jacked (for wind protection) hood, head band and gloves. My outfit ended up working nicely, probably could have done with out the hood.

I headed out at 8:10am -- 10 minutes later than I had planned because my potato cutting tool longer than I had thought. I headed down hail street, I was feeling pretty good, exept for a little side cramp I was working out, I made my way up the first big hill, not too bad, down black hawk road and on to river. When I got to Sliver springs I noticed that it did not seem to be plowed, I stuck with my plan and went down anyway -- non of it was plowed, and my pace wend down to a 9:30 -- I was slipping, the snow was un even, I was regretting my decidion to run down their, but their was no turning back, I kept on going. It was the longest hardest mile of the whole run, but I finally found my way back to the black top, up the steep hill and out to the road. I took Ben street all the way back into town, about half way down the street as I was climbing up the never ending hill, the wind hit me -- it wasen't cold to me at that point, but it did cause some resistance. Once I got into town I was good -- I was sheltered by the wind and caught my breath from the hill that did finally end. I made it back in time to stretch, roll out on the fome roller, shower and head to Yoga for my second week. Yoga was very crowded, I had to sit up by the teacher, but nothing was keeping me from being in the class, so I did what I had to do. I still don't feel any more flexible, but it must be doing something. Down Dog, Crocodile, up dog,.... and all those other uncomfortable poses.. After Yoga Jer and I headed to the soup -- it was SOOOOO good! Chopped lean steak on the bottom, potatoes, carrots, cream of celery soup, spices & chicken broth. A great after work out lunch.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Running hot in the cold

Winter running  almost always sounds worse than it actually is. I find that I run better in the cold, much better than the heat. My two main problems with running in the cold are, 1. getting myself to actually do it and 2. wearing the right amount of layers. Once I actually force myself outside and start running on a cold day, i'm fine -- I just have to make myself believe that 10 degrees really isn't that cold. Sure, the first half mile is a little rough, it hurts to breath, its cold, it makes my face burn -- then the occasional frigged gust of wind that seems blow through ever layer of clothing I have on and chill me down to my very bones, or the semi truck that causes that gust of wind and accompanys it with a taste of salt air that blew up from the road (GROSS). However, after that half mile to mile and a half the cold air begins to feel good, the gusts of freezing air are welcomed as they whisk away unwanted heat, the breath of tasty road salt air...well that's never enjoyable, you just start to stop thinking about where it came from and it's not so bad.

The second problem I have us over dressing -- i'm just so cold when I get up in the morning, I just want to add layer after layer to make that first mile less tourcherious. I pile on a tank top, a wisking long sleeved shirt, a t-shirt, a fleese, a heavy running jacket, gloves, a ear band, a hat....It's nice for a while, however after that mile those layers start to feel very suffocating restricting, excess heat makes the run harder & peeling off the sweaty layers after it's all done isn't all that enjoyable ether. I have learned through out a serious of overdressed runs how to judge the weather and wear the right layers -- I do still over dress sometimes, but that's part of the winter running experience -- one more obstical to that perfect run.

I did find that runners world has  a nice little program, you put in the data (temperature, wind & cloud conditions) then enter in how you prefer to run, warm, cool or in between the two, press search and it tells you what to wear -- usually when I follow that I feel I do not have enough clothes on, but I always end up being about perfect.
Here is the link:,7152,s6-240-325-330-0-0-0-0-0,00.html

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Junk food & Pizza -- the love of my life.

Most kids these days love junk & hate all things Veggie or healthy. I was no exception, in fact, I believe I was worse than the average kid. On Chili dinner day my Mom had to make 3 kinds of chili -- Regular for my sister Debi, herself and my Dad, no beans for my sister Verloyn, and just plain browned ground meat for me. The day my dad made me sit till I ate my brocolli I will never forget -- we sat their for an hour till finally I decided to pile it high with butter and eat it with my nose plugged then quickly swallow and gulp down a whole glass of water trying not to throw it back up, yes... it was that bad to me.

However, I would eat a whole bag of chips if allowed to, I would do chores for my sisters if they would give me one of their designated pieces of pizza (pizza night was Sunday after church, it was my favorite night of the week). I asked for a pizza for Christmas in my stocking one year & ate the whole thing myself that night (and that's after a whole Christmas dinner for lunch!).

My Mom didn't buy us tons of junk food, so we didn't get a lot of it when I was really young, but I have memories of it... I use to trade my cheese Pringles (I believe I got 20 of them for lunch every day) for a big bag of cheese pop corn at school. The little girl that traded with em a few times only did it because I made the chips look so good the way I savored each bite of them, after a while she decided my little bag of chips and her big bag of pop corn was a bad trade, and I was back to my 20 pringels. I remember my mom buying me a little package of Jolly Ranchers after school on shopping day, those were treasured. I remember eating chips & dip on family game night, my dad said I used too much dip and it was bad for me, I didn't care... it was SO good.

As I got older my older sisters started trying to loose weight because they were starting to be conscious of those types of things... boys and such. I, surprisingly had never been even remotely fat, but being the little "copy cat" that I was, I dieted with them, ran around circles in their rooms with them and did sit ups with my feet under the bed with them. This of course annoyed them because I was a rather skinny 12 year old girl and they were 16 and 18.

I don't really remember trying to watch what I ate, but I do remember just eating yogurt for lunch with my sister as we watched "Judge Judy" but actually we were watching something else that my parents wouldn't let us watch, so we kept a big toe on the Chanel button to change it when ever one of them came by (We must not have had a remote?).

I remember baking cookies with my sister, we would eat tons of dough of course, some how we did still bake some, and of the ones we baked we usually ate quite a lot of those too -- but not a single whole coolie at a time, we would pick, cut them in pieces and grab one here and their.... Usually we ended up eating a lot of cookies -- I think it was then that I learned food guilt. We would run around and around my sisters room after those cookie baking sessions -- I'll bet my sisters room floor is permanently creekie because of all those circles we ran.

After my sisters moved out my mom and I started helping with a Food Pantry -- we brought home all sorts of wonderful junk after that. I had all the junk food I could possibly want, it was GREAT. I was extremely active and still did not gain any extra weight, but I enjoyed the junk quite a lot more than I probably should have.

It wasn't until  I was going to college that I started to actually want to eat healthy, I opened my mind to the idea of eating healthy, and suddenly I started liking most all of the things I had previously gagged at the thought of. Before I knew it I was bring a mix of whole wheat pasta salad with raw broccoli, carrots, peppers & more in it with me for lunch -- previously my lunch meals consisted of a can of Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos.

Why the change? I honestly couldn't tell you, most likely it was a weight thing -- I figured I couldn't keep my junk food life style up forever so I might as well start liking healthy food. When I moved away to Chicago for 2 years I really learned how to fend for my self a little better. I was now shopping for myself, so my diet was truly in my own control. I decided to eat healthy 5 days a week, then on the weekends eat what I wanted (almost always included pizza, Chips, french fries & chicken tenders). It worked pretty well -- My mom brought me junk food that I tried not to eat too much of, but of course I failed, especially on the weekends. My weakness was, and still is Pizza and chips. I could eat them all day every day and be very happy.

Nothing has really changed since then except I run a lot more so that means I have to eat a lot more to be able run more. I still eat pizza about once a week, sometimes more, but I usually feel guilty about that. My new love is baked chips -- I like them better than fried ones now. I haven't have chicken tenders for a while though, I"m not sure who....

A good diet is a struggle -- so many better tasting things to eat than whole wheat pasta and fish, but I continue to make an effort to eat right, knowing that it will make me healthy & happier in the long run.

So, in conclusion, for all of you who fight with your kids to eat right -- their is still hope. If I can change my eating habits from childhood to adult hood, anyone can.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Still Running

I continue to run. I found a great site, a way to track your progress as well as the wear and tear on your shoes. It's -- great site. Nothing really new with my running -- same old thing. I did go to Yoga on Saturday -- it was really good. Lots of stretching -- I plan on going every Saturday from now on, I think it will really help me stay injury free this year. Sunday we ran 8.5 miles -- it was a good run except that I had to make everyone stop so that I could use the bathroom -- lucky for me their happened to be one close by. I must have had too much pizza on Saturday to upset my stomach for the run, not good -- I think I need to run on Saturdays from now on. My legs have been good lately though, I haven't noticed any shin pain or really anything but normal soreness. On Friday we did a test at boot camp, I was really sore from that and still am. I did 70 sit ups in 2 minutes and 55 pushups in 2 minutes and I stayed with the speed running for 70 beeps -- I could have done more, but my sister Debi dropped out and I lost my motivation (which was to beat her :))