Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marathon number 4

7 weeks left till the

Next training Block
TECUMSEH TRAIL MARATHON. Training so far has been good. we're done with one tough training block - the 16, 18, 20. This weeks is an easy week. I'm exited to have a easy week. I'm also exited that so far I have not gotten hurt - it's almost strange to have good run after good run.... No sign of bring burned out - running pretty strong. Not to say those long runs have not been hard - but my worst long run so far was like my best run in my last training session. I still have a hard time believing that i made it through some of those runs - All that trouble I had last time and yet here I am doing it again. Something is wrong with me - I know. Its sort of like drinking too much - when you says "I'll never drink again" and you always do.... Usually it's a while before you drink to much again, but still - that's why i'm doing ONE marathon and not 2 marathons and 2 50ks. We have been having good group runs - for the 16 we all met out in Lealand and did a nice country rout - the next week Judah and I did our own run - a HUGE circle rout - it was windy and by the time we were done I felt as if I had ran around the world. Last week, for the 20, we drove up to Starved Rock and ran from Utica to the I&M trail, to Ottawa, then back on the road to starved rock, through 4 miles of trails and back to the lodge for some drinks. I felt pretty good the whole time except when we got to the trails my hamstrings were really hurting and I ended up slipping and falling (AGAIN - i've been doing a lot of that lately) and we got rained on for about an hour - but it was beautiful out and a good run - average pace around a 9 minute mile.... I was pretty happy with it. I have been trying to get some speed work in this session as well - and have been fairly successful. I got a couple good hill work outs in, some good tempo runs, but have not made it to the track yet.
Starved Rock 20M run
I have been thinking about next year - what I want to do as far as races etc. I really want to get the Battered Beaten and Bloodied belt buckle for doing all of the devils lake races - that means I have to do 3 more 50ks in the next 3 years (I believe) So if that is the mission I figured Gnaw Bone would be next, that's in May, possibly followed by Hell in the fall possibly - but defiantly Gnaw bone. Also figured we might as well do a if not 2 training marathons before the 50k - then a couple of fall halfs perhaps.... Im really not THAT into racing - I don't like paying the race fees, It's also very time consuming, but I do really like those trail runs, and it is defiantly good motivation to keep running when I have a race coming up. So.... we'll see. One thing I know for sure is that i will enjoy my easy week.