Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Half Through and not limping!

Well i think we are about half way through training. I had a really good week last week - and a little bit of a scare the week before that. I was running 2 weeks ago on Saturday - going out for what I hoped would be a 20 mile run with a group of runners... when at mile 8 my achilles Tendon started really hurting. I ended up ending with 13 - it hurt pretty bad. I went home and took ibuprofen and iced it - then later that day I went hiking - that really hurt... not fun. The next day I changed to a different pair of shoes & went out for 10. It was alright, hurt, but not that bad. Then after that later in the day, I went hiking & again, it really hurt. It was hillie and snowy... The next day, monday was an off day - so i rested it and although it did hurt during the day, and into Tuesday morning, I was able to run 6 miles on the tread mill - wednesday it felt pretty good and thursday I was able to run pretty much pain free - 7.5 in the morning and 4 at night... by Saturdays long run I was just fine. We (my sister & another runner who is training for the same race) headed out at 8am from my parents house - my Fiance judah did part of the rout with us, but we ended up missing a turn (I EVEN PRINTED MAPS) I don't know what happened... Judah only got to do about 5 with us because of that though. We added a little bit to the rout & it ended up being
21.5. I felt really good for most of it, we had some windy spots, some sunny spots... 2 HUGE dogs chase us & some really pretty snowy country roads... I wore my brooks per grit trail shoes.... they were fine most of the time, but I think I had them too tight - my right top of my foot started to really hurt... I made it, but it hurt for a few days after that - so did lifting my big toe up... it was strange. It's fine now though.... Today was one mile and stregnth - tomorrow I am running 7.5 in the morning with Debi (sister) and Angela (friend), then maybe 2 miles of hills in yorkville, and 4 with the midwest misfits meeting at coblestone bakery.... Friday will be a cross train day, and I guess im doing around 24 on saturday. it's supposed to be an easy week, but I think it's getting switched because my sister & angela are doing a half marathon on what is supposed to be a hard week..... ... Anyway - I've had a few minor hurts come up - but nothing bad yet!
Here are the new shoes I ordered - really exited to try them!  They are the Inov-8 Trailroc 150
I will write a review once I get them. I think they will be similar to the newton shoe - the 3mm drop and the weight. they are only 7oz.... Can't wait to get them in the mail!