Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Marathon #1 & shoes #2 of the year

I had more to write about last year with all my troubles and trials. Not that it has been a breeze or anything - I think i'm just use to all the garbage that comes along with distance running. It has gotten better though - let me compair:
Last year = TONS of rubs & blisters. My dog came into the bathroom last year as I stepped into the shower very concerned with all the howling that that I may be dying. Luckily for me she hates bathes enough to ensure she would not jump to my rescue... Yeah, that hurt, those little raw spots, as the water splashed on them then liquified salt from the rest of me just to aggravate them even more. I don't know why I dont' get them anymore - but i'm not complaining!

I have gotten a few blisters this year... the huge ones like last year. I have however discovered that it is NOT my shoes but my SOCKS to blame. I have asked my Saucany trail shoes for forgiveness for the false accusations. Turns out my feet need REAL running socks, and the more expensive the sock the more my feet like them. These happen to by my absolute favorite at $14.99 a pair and worth every penny. thorlos experia. I love these socks. I tried the ones with the individual toes IJENTA or something like that... I liked those alright, but it took forever to get my toes in the toe holes and I really just didn't feel any particular benefit. Once I get a blister it's hard to get ride of it because, of course I do not stop running to let it heal. I now have a method of blister treatment. First off is to just finish your the run and ignore the pain... after then run and after a shower and some food if it's a long run (and it usually happens on a long run) once your foot is dry - take a needle or something - even finger nail clippers work (make sure what ever it is, it is clean) pop a little hole in the top or bottom of it and let it drain. Then just leave it endless it hurts to walk around - if it does then cover it up with a band aide. When you run again however I have discovered that a regular band ade does not do the job - first of all my blisters are usually to big for both band ads AND blister pads (I like those a lot when they fit). What I did, knowing how often I get blisters, was to order a whole roll of mole skin. It's stick on one side and fuzzy on the other. You just cut it to fit & make sure your foot is dry when you put it on, press it firmly on your foot and put your sock on right away. This has always allowed my blisters to not be damaged farther by running and has allowed me to continue training.

Back to last year's troubles. Another thing I had last year was my burn out. BAD burn out. I have not experienced anything too bad yet. I have had a few bad runs though in a row where a normal rout just felt all up hill... that worries me - but it did not last. Thats how I now i'm having a bad run... it all feels up hill.

Last year I had hamstring problems & knee issues, but the knee was because I fell down roller skating.. I have not roller skated this year so i'm all good there... I also have not had to deal with the heat. As much as I hate the cold I do not run well in the heat - so I guess it being april 2nd and my run being 18 degrees is not all bad - but I sure didn't feel that way when I dragged myself out of bed knowing this it was 18 degrees outside this morning.

I tried my new trail shoes out. I like them. BUT they are not good for the road for me anyhow. way to thin. I like feeling the trail, they are great in dirt & grass, but those rock still hurt a bit. I've only run around 15 miles in them so far, so they are still on trial. No blisters or anything from them though. They have been really confortable & I love how light and flexible they are.

My Newton guidance shoes have over 400 miles on them - so I decide to get another pair of newtons. The ones that I ended up winning on ebay for $74 including shipping are the newton distance running shoes. I have not run in these before - but they felt very similar to my other newtons, the guidance &  original ones I had. It's nice to have some fresh shoes! Problem is it's just going to take me that much longer to get out the door because now I have oh... you know. just a COUPLE of shoes to choose from.

This Saturday is the Trail breaker Marathon. My Fiance and I are driving up the morning of the race and then staying over in Milwalkee for a little get away. The weather is not looking too good. 44 as a HIGH and 12mph winds with 30% chance of rain. Hoping it shapes up a little. Not sure my plan will be for sure, but i'm thinking i'm going to attempt a 8:30 pace the whole way. My fiance is running the half so I want to stay with him for the 7miles or so before he turns around - then I will continue to the ice age trail, run to the watch tower, then up it, then back. My sister and I did this race last year - She will also be running it this year but her IT band is bothering her so she is not sure how things will go. I'm looking forward to this race I think. It will be a good test to see if I can push myself. I have failed so many races and just given up - now that I have some solid problem free (for the most part) training behind me, maybe I will be able to pull this off with a decent time. No pressure - but who knows... I'm looking forward to hanging out after in Milwalkee - we are going to hotwire a hotel after or before the race... I got a good deal on a grupon for 12 at a bar/grill place we will get 2 burgers and 2 beers. It will be fun to get away...

That's all till after the race I guess - I plan on taking it easy thursday - running 7.5 to 8 at an easy pace and taking Friday off all together - just walking & doing some lawn work...